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Good Choices, Simple Steps:  Matching plants to your conditions
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This book provides a step-by-step process of matching plants to any set of garden and growing conditions, from Antarctica to the Sahara and anywhere in between. This allows plants to be selected that will thrive in any condition with little or no additional water.

The process establishes any site or garden's 'attributes' (benchmarking) against which the requirements of a desired plant can be considered. Modifications to soil and water harvesting are explored throughout the selection process providing the potential for success with a wider range of species thatn would naturally grow at each site.

The examples used are from winter rainfall areas of southern Australia but the selection principles apply anywhere.

We are concerned that exotic plants with a water-wise pedigree are the very plants that pose a high feral threat. References and further reading therefore have a very Australian flavour with emphasis on seeking the cultural requirements of our spectacular and often misunderstood native plants.
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